Christmas Day
Miracles In December

Exo-K ‘Christmas Day’ 1 minute preview

First snow
Kai cut

Kai voice cut in ‘First Snow’  

"Even though it’s already been a year I’m full of regret,

 [I feel] lonely, suddenly [I’m] talking to myself(x)

KB's part-time worker: Then and Now.


how cho kyuhyun deals with his embarrassment and frustration

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12/50 admirable aspects of Kyuhyun: inner dorkdance machine

i can be your hero, i’m going to search for you

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you said it right chanyeol lmao

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Taeyeon said she knew the exo members even by their voices. So Suho and Chanyeol said “Ah” and she guessed it correctly.


The BIG difference between acting and real life ♥


The way they look at each other…